phpSyntaxTree (Unicode) - drawing syntax trees made easy

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phpSyntaxTree allows you to generate graphical syntax trees from labelled bracket notation phrases.

This improved version of phpSyntaxTree supports Unicode. Thanks to the fonts Doulos SIL, Andika and Junicode, it is now possible to use the symbols of the IPA alphabet.

Idea and linguistic guidance - Mei Eisenbach
Coding & design - André Eisenbach
Unicode support -

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Enter a phrase above using labelled bracket notation. Click "Draw" to create a syntax tree graph for the entered phrase. You can right-click on the generated tree image to copy-and-paste it into your documents, or left-click the tree image to download it.

To create a node with subscript parts, separate the subscript part using the _ character. For example "NP_1" will show in the graph as NP1. Optionally, select Auto subscript, to automatically number all equally named nodes (NP1, NP2 etc.).

Disable color and/or smooth lines to create a more black & white printer friendly image.